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HedgeBlock is a fully packed matchmaking OTC platform allowing users to instantly discover and close cryptocurrency OTC deals.

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Have your leg matched automatically

Our sophisticated deal matching engine takes all parameters of a transaction into account
to greatly improve the close rate

Automated contract handling

Get the paperwork set efficiently with our pre-made digital contract handling

Benefit from our revolutionary method of validating deals

We use our international network of lawyers and notaries to validate your confidential information

Transact securely and efficiently

Keep your confidential information secured while transacting

Use your own lawyer to confirm your information. No need to let untrustworthy third parties access it

Trade discreetly

We have partnered up with well-trusted banking partners allowing you to trade with professionalism and confidentiality

Buy and sell optimally

HedgeBlock operates in full transparency and and its fees are among the lowest on the market, allowing you to trade at the best conditions

Popular questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. What is HedgeBlock?

HedgeBlock is the first world’s distributed OTC platform where buyers, sellers, mandates, and intermediaries can post their buy and sell offerings.

2. Is HedgeBlock free to use?

It is free to register, free to search, free to publish. We charge a fee when a deal is scored and we take a commission when a match is transacted.

3. What is OTC Trading?

OTC stands for the Over the Counter trading of Bitcoin and other assets of cryptocurrencies without inflating or deflating the price. Trades of large volumes are typically executed through OTC desks.

4. How do I post my own deal?

You do so by clicking on the “Create a leg” button displayed conveniently on all screens. A questionnaire will guide you through the process of posting a deal.

5. What is a verified deal?

Once HedgeBlock confirms Proof of Funds or Proof of Coins, a “Verified Deal” tag will be attached to your posting. Verified deals receive 5X more serious inquiries than non-verified deals.

6. Are you regulated?

A deal is verified once the Proof of Funds or Proof of Coins has been confirmed by our external service provider or our internal HedgeBlock Compliance team.

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