Blockchain is the digital version of the Swiss political system

Switzerland is the most decentralized country in the world. It contains a total of 26 cantons (similar to the states in the USA) that all have a huge amount of power. In addition, Swiss citizens are asked to vote several times a year for certain national initiatives and referendums. That is very similar to how many Blockchain communities are organized – and Switzerland provides the best environment to create a home for such communities and companies.

Since April 26, 2018, there are new regulatory suggestions that were presented by the Blockchain Task Force to the Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann. The Blockchain Task Force is backed by the Swiss government and is a selection of around 50 representatives from science, business and politics in Switzerland that are jointly interested in making Blockchain technologies successful globally, through Switzerland. Download the detailed whitepaper and its appendix (currently German only).

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Switzerland's top attributes

1. Neutrality, decentralization, and direct democracy

For many crypto-technologies, this country has perfect political system. It is neutral, stable, and most of all, predictable.

The Swiss political system is characterized by decentralization and direct democracy. The cantons and half-cantons have significant control over economic and social policy, with the federal government’s powers largely limited to foreign affairs and some economic matters. Referendums, which have been used extensively since the 1848 constitution, are mandatory for any amendments to the Federal Constitution, the joining of international organizations, or major changes to federal laws.

The government is free from pervasive corruption. As the world’s largest offshore financial center, the country had long been criticized for failing to comply with recommended international norms on money laundering and terrorist financing.

2. Privacy Culture

Swiss have one of the strongest privacy cultures in the world, with the first bank secrecy law dating back three centuries to 1713. and that current data protection laws are among the world’s most stringent.

SWISS attaches a great deal of importance to protecting its customers’ privacy.

While Switzerland is not a member of the European Union (EU) or of the European Economic Area, it has partially implemented the EU Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of personal data. Directive on the protection of personal data in 2006 by acceding to the STE 108 agreement of the Council of Europe and a corresponding amendment of the federal Data Protection Act. However, Swiss law imposes less restrictions upon data processing than the Directive in several respects.

The Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner in particular supervises compliance of the federal government agencies with the DPA, provides advice to private persons on data protection, conducts investigations and makes recommendations concerning data protection practices.

3. Identification of business opportunities

Swiss firms can take advantage of the fact that they are familiar with everything that refers to Blockchain Technology. They underline competitiveness of many locations and foreign companies need to recognize such areas as there are many like it and take the most out of them.

4. Supportive legal environment

Through regulatory sandbox and similar schemes, a country can give a clear signal to up-and-coming Blockchain companies and those that are attempting to introduce the technology in their business that they are welcome and can count on support.
Using countless means of helping, Switzerland will give your up-and-coming Blockchain company a sign that you are welcome and can count on support!

5. World-class infrastructure

Switzerland has the world’s most competitive economy (strongest in each of the past 9 years). A proof for this is that we have world-leading infrastructure in energy, transportation, telecommunications, financial services, education, health care, environment, safety, and technological innovation. No place better to be than here!

6. Security and encryption

The best known application of Blockchain technology – as the basis for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin – has attracted a great deal of attention due to its security-related features, and this means that Switzerland, with its tradition as a neutral and stable location offering strong protection for personal and economic rights, is excellently positioned to establish itself as a global Blockchain hub.

The best known application of Blockchain technology which has attracted a great deal of attention because of it’s security related features. This means that Switzerland is excellently positioned to establish itself as a global Blockchain hub. We have neutral and stable location that offers strong protection for personal and economic rights!

7. Productivity and Competitiveness

We have strong fundamentals which include public health, primary education, and a solid macroeconomic environment. Our economy has a high level of flexibility, with its labour markets being ranked as the best-functioning globally. We can’t let you down!

8. World-class talent

Switzerland itself has been investing in high quality educational system, with many top-ranked educational institutions. We put a lot in development of ‘our future’. We tend to teach them to work systematically and accurately, to be innovative, self-starters, and honest.

9. Friendly business environment

It’s not for no reason that we present a home to over a 100 multinational corporations – excellent domestic and global business networks, flexible labor laws, low bureaucracy, a sophisticated, respected legal system, low corruption, availability of investment capital, low corporate and personal taxes, and high service levels.

10. High quality of life

We proudly say that we are a home with tradition and strong protection for both personal and economic rights. We are top-ranked for infrastructure, safety, health care, education, life expectancy, and work/life balance.

We put our heart in making our country a true home for everyone here!

The leading global Blockchain Hub


The Swiss government has created a blockchain taskforce to begin regulatory framework on startups and initial coin offerings.

Public sector

There is a substantial potential of blockchain in the public sector with its decentralized model and its potential to rationalize central government processes.

Private sector

Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing, Tourism, Supply Chain and many other industries are looking into adapting Blockchain Technologies already now.


If there’s one place in the world that embodies the emergence of the blockchain industry, it is undeniably the Greater Zurich Area – the area between Zurich and Zug; the ‘Crypto Valley.’


The Crypto Valley Association has been set up to foster the growth of this ecosystem. They drive innovation through collaboration and partnerships with entrepreneurs, startups, investors, corporates, educational institutions, service providers, and government bodies.

Service providers

The Swiss blockchain ecosystem, also known as the Crypto Valley, is home to a growing number of startups, service providers, and other organizations. The Crypto Valley Map is a continuously updated database of these ecosystem contributors, provided for free.

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