HB Connect

What is
HB Connect?

HB Connect

What is
HB Connect?

Streamline your OTC process with HedgeBlock

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly and privately with our global Over-The-Counter Trading desk HB Connect. HB Connect addresses agents, buyers and sellers to help them automate sourcing, compliance, matching for OTC transactions.

Use HB connect now and gain time and efficiency in your transactions.

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Source, match, negotiate, close.
See how HedgeBlock’s modern OTC software helps you hit your digital assets investment plan better.

Streamline Sourcing

Take the mess out of Unqualified deals with everything you need to source your counterpart.

Bring it in

Evaluate the seriousness of your counterpart with pre-rated deals. Keep agents in the loop without having to exchange information through them.

Increase your success rate

Get accurate information by having it verified by our international network of service providers. Streamline and automate contracts and procedures.

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